Inspection Considerations during the Escrow process

Inspecting your North Dallas Home

When you are in escrow and working towards finalizing your homes sale, a property inspection is one of the most important parts of the process for both the North Dallas Realtor and the Home Buyer. A sound Realtor should always stress on the condition of a property and the Buyer should also give this process proper due diligence to ensure the perceived condition and property value are sound.

Some times property inspections are taken to casually or rushed to finish so escrow closing remains on schedule. A proper amount of time should be allowed for an appropriate inspection based on homes size and optional amenities like a pool or spa. Reviewing the first reports results, some follow-up inspections might be needed to quantify any questionable areas of the home.

These inspections help the Buyers to know about any  problems that will need to be fixed before closing or consideration of even continuing the transaction if major issues are found. The terms of the Texas Association of Realtors® purchase agreement provide that, if an inspection reveals a significant problem, the buyer can walk away from the purchase unless the seller corrects the problem. In the actual situation, it usually involves negotiation with some mitigation of the problem by the seller or a price adjustment.

The real negotiation occurs during this part of real estate transaction; a time when Buyer needs a Realtor who is on the buyer’s side without split loyalties.

If you are looking to purchase a home in North Dallas, you should ensure that the Realtor that you hire is qualified and is able to support your unique needs.  judging cost against risk of problems that may be disclosed about the property.

Different inspection considerations based on the homes size, lot size and property features:

Survey or, at least, corner marking (Especially important for large lots)

Pest inspection (termites, dry rot, etc.)

Building and HVAC systems (including appliances)


Swimming pool/spa

Septic (Not all homes have them)

Environmental hazards


Plumbing and electrical

Your North Dallas Realtor should consult with you to determine who is the best inspector for your future home.

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