The Frisco Station Connection

The Frisco Station Connection

Everybody dream to experience a high technology living with a good place to dine and a 5G technology. A good way also to enjoy this is to have a great way to commute. Air Taxi’s are mode of transport in the new age development.

In 2015, facts about the approved Frisco Station has been launched. The project is a 242-acre modern amenities with well-planned offices, residential and medical spaces. Nowadays, the project is in full-construction along the North Platinum Corridor surrounded by the Dallas Cowboys’ World Headquarters.

Frisco Station was founded on the principles of “Smart, Creative and Healthy” experiences. It highlights its first development in the field of transportation like the Vertiports that utilizes Uber Elevate’s flying taxis and an access to autonomous vehicles through the

From Hay to Frisco Entertainment Center

The Frisco Station was acquired by the Rudman Family in 1962 with its main purpose, hay production.

The project is under the development by the Frisco Station Partnership composed of The Rudman Partnership, Hillwood Properties and Van Trust Real Estate.

The project is an example of a 21st century living where people can enjoy the modern and comfortable living environment. The place has a great space for community spaces, walking trails and other sought after features.

Here are the key elements that you can look forward to:

  • Park and trail space for recreation and health purposes
  • The Hub, an entertainment district
  • Hotel campuses offers by the following hotels; Residence Inn by Marriott, Canopy by Hilton, Hyatt Place Rooms and Suites, and the AC by Marriott.
  • Amphitheater for outdoor events
  • Alamo Draft house Cinema
  • Station House that offers pet-friendly apartment and luxurious spaces
  • Farm-to-table market options as part of the green market
  • Uber Air Taxis
  • AT&T 5G evolution wireless technology
  • Class A offices and conference center

Frisco Station is a great way to put your dream living into reality. The place has a “Live, Work, Play” concept. There are so much to do in the place and can be done easily. Totally, Frisco Station is a great place to live the life you wanted most. It is giving yourself a reward every day for your hard work.

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The place is expected to be fully done within five to eight years’ time span yet each of the buildings has been carefully planned and house residential buildings are almost ready for occupancy. This place is a real-promising place and it is assured that your living will at its most.

Ultimately, once Frisco Station is completed it will make Frisco an even more desirable city to live, work and call home. To learn more about how you can make frisco your home please contact us today. 

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