Planning your Home Move

Are you planning to move any time soon? Featuring wide variety of real estate options, North Dallas lures home seekers across the country to our wonderful communities. Though home moving is a tough process, if you follow right methodology you can make it safe, stress free and exciting journey. Here we have discussed the major steps for moving homes even if we must see you go.  

Organize Everything:

Since you are moving to a new home and possibly new state with all your possessions, it is necessary to organize everything properly. The process should begin well ahead of the moving day. Start organizing the items that are used occasionally. Collect your possessions that are borrowed by your friends and return their stuffs as well. Shut down services such as cable, telephone, internet, etc. Inform the post office, bank, insurance companies about your new address in Plano TX real estate city. donate or trash needless stuffs to reduce expenses and time. There is nothing worse than paying to move something that you will never use. 

Hire Moving Consultant:

To organize the entire homes moving process can be stressful. If you decide that you would like to hire a moving consultation interview multiple candidates and ensure they prior experience and references.  A moving coordinator will organize and pack everything so that you can move to your new home with less stress and ability to focus on other priorities. Keep in mind that a moving coordinator comes at a cost that can more than double the cost of the actual move. 


Many love to pack their own things, whereas many allow the moving company to do this for them. You can save your money by packing yourself but keep some important things in your mind. Avoid last minute rushing and start the process months earlier if possible. Arrange large and adequately sized boxes for a variety of sized items, packing tape and computer printed number lists so that you can keep track of what is in which box. There is nothing worse than miss placing that one box in sea of boxes. Be careful to not make the boxes too heavy. In one box pack the important items that you may need immediately and ensure you properly label it. To unpack efficiently in your new home, mark all the cartons with number and contents. It will also be easier for your movers supporting you to place each box in the appropriate room. Important items such as jewelry and legal documents should be taken with you. 


Insuring your belongings is very important while moving between homes. If you are moving from or to another state, you may be sharing a large truck with another household. You want to verify before employing a moving company whether the moving company is giving you the insurance support for your property and they have the means to track your inventory (However, do not rely on them for tracking). You will want to ensure you have proof before your property disappears into any moving companies’ truck. If any of the items are damaged, you must establish claims which can become complicated if you do not plan. Many people take a video and/or photographs of their property before packing and starting their move.

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