Selling your Home in North Dallas Texas

Are you selling a newer modern home or a home presented in an older style? Does it matter? Why do some homes for sale in some North Dallas TX ( Frisco, Plano, Allen, Prosper, McKInney) get sold in a short amount of time while others, of equal quality, size, conditions, and location (Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville, Coppell) remain on the market for months? There are simple reasons for why this happens: the selling price is not right for your competitive hyper-local real estate market and and your homes marketing campaign is inefficient and doesn't represent the value of your community and your home.

Your Home, Your Investment

For most people, their property is their most valuable investment.   When it comes time for you to sell your home, you’ll want to pocket the largest possible net gain or profit.  Unfortunately, many sellers would rather rush through the process of finding the right real estate agent for them or worse yet, representing themselves as they attempt to sell their North Dallas, TX homes for sale, rather than do the necessary research.  When you are sell your home you need to understand the competition.  Mistakes can be very costly, and it’s important to understand that there are constructive ways and specific steps to follow to avoid mistakes that can cost you time and money.

One of the most common mistakes that homes sellers make when putting a price on their home for sale, is overpricing or under-pricing it.  By setting the price too high, you turn away the best prospects for your home while it sits on the market and becoming stale.  By asking too little, your Frisco, TX home will most likely sell faster, but will leave you with a net outcome of a substantially smaller amount. 

The Foundation: Comprehensive Market Analysis

We promise to do a comparative market analysis for you as you attempt to find the best possible price for your North Dallas Texas home.  This analysis compares all of the recent sales done in your TX neighborhood while understanding the unique features of your community and of your home in comparison to your neighbors, sold previously or not.  This will give you insight to a comparative price which you should start with when listing your home for sale.  Start by choosing the 4-6 homes most like yours and then go and visit all these homes, paying particular attention to those with a for sale sign, ideally pending and in contract.  By doing this you will be more prepared for understanding the your potential home price and what your community real estate buyer is able and willing to pay for a home with your properties characteristics.  

With any introduction, there is only one chance for a first impressions and to stand out from your competition.  Why should it be any different from a buyer’s perception of the many homes available in your community?  That first impression that home buyer have of your home, will last in their minds long after they have left the property.  The very first thing we do before you list your property for sale is to evaluate the exterior of the property.  Does your North Texas home have curb appeal to keep the buyer from just driving to the next home on their list? We need to entice them enough to stop in and view your property!

Preparing Your North Dallas TX Home for Sale

The entrance too many potential homes for sale is what greets your potential buyers.  Make sure that it is kept clean and your door is painted and that all light fixtures are in working order and equipped with new bulbs.  Once visitors are inside your home, your attention to detail is just as important to them as the general layout of the property, both interior (do you like an open floorplan) and exterior (lot size, landscaping & location).  The interior detail will be difficult to see if the property is too dark and dreary.   Open drapes and blinds for maximum light.  Turn your lights on when you know there will be a showing or Open House.  The key is to make your home as cheerful and inviting as possible.

Even the smallest of repairs can make a huge difference in the minds of buyers.  When looking for a home and eventually purchasing a property, the last thing a buyer wants to do is have to make unexpected repairs on the property.  Fix loose knobs, sticking or squeaking doors, warped cabinet drawers, cracks in the plaster. Minor deferred maintenance that is unattended will only provide pause for potential buyers who may assume there are further underlining issues with the home. Also remember to not to cover up anything that should be disclosed to the buyer about damage on the property.  This will only lead to unnecessary liability for you as a seller.

While clearing out clutter, cleaning, and making improvements to basic necessary repairs are important steps to getting your home ready for sale, undertaking a major project could end up costing more money than you would recover from the sale.  However, major repairs that, if fixed, will increase the value of your home and allow you to net a higher price and return on investment, like replacing a roof, garage doors, out replacing outdated appliance, should be done if they are needed.

Local Real Estate Knowledge – Global Marketing Experience

Having a qualified, professional, and highly experienced real estate agent to represent you is key to the success of selling your North Dallas Texas Property.  Allow the Noah Gamer and The GAMER Real Estate Group to be the advisors that guide you through the marketing and selling process.  We utilize only state of the art digital marketing tactics and technology that will give your property the necessary local, national and global exposure required to sell your home for top dollar.  As experienced professionals, we know what works and what doesn’t in this ever-evolving Dallas real estate market.  We communicate to you, and would be happy to discuss various options, and together find the best way to selling your Texas Home for the best price.

To learn more about the benefits of selling with us....

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