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Corporate Relocation in North Dallas Texas

North Dallas Moving real estate services provided by GAMER Real Estate Group is designed to service the needs the relocating employee or new hire and family with the most efficient and highest quality assistance. Our programs and services demonstrate our total and unfailing commitment to the satisfaction of the relocating family. GAMER’s Preferred Relocation to a North Dallas Texas community has an understanding of what it takes to successfully evaluate, arrange and complete a successful move to a North Dallas home. Our relocation programs and services begin at the recruitment stage of hiring and follow through until the moving family is settled into their selected community. Noah Gamer has a true understanding of the stresses and concerns an individual and family faces when moving, both personally having moved across the country 3 times and professionally having assisted other families like yours.

Our relocation team is dedicated to helping Human Resource Personnel administer a quality recruitment and relocation program. Our assistance begins with one phone call Noah Gamer (800-224-6637). Upon request he will assist you with the following:

    • Personalized Newcomer's Packet & Area Tour Information
    • Area Orientation - Tours and Community Profile tailored to fit the individual
    • Buyer Representation - Designated Agency
    • Rental Information
    • Outgoing Relocation Assistance
    • Group Move Service

North Dallas Relocation Services Provided

Listed below are some of the many services that Preferred Relocation offers to your newly hired and transferring employees. These services are available at no cost to your company and your employees. Preferred Relocation recognizes that EACH of your relocation employees has unique needs, so the following services are tailored to the individual requirements of the transferee and his/her family, and make the move as smooth as possible.

  1. Phone Calls - Within 24 hours to introduce, determine needs, and stay in touch. We have an incoming toll-free line for the transferee's convenience.
  • Toll Free: (800) 224-6637 | (800) 2C-HOMES | Local: 469.465.0077
  1. Pick-up at plane - Our sales associate will arrange transportation from the airport to the hotel. Hotel Reservations - We have agreements with several establishments that offer discount rates.
  2. Relocation package - Including an area map, general area information, Home magazine, and taped area tour. Each packet is designed with the needs of the customer in mind. Children's Relocation Package - giving the whole family a feeling of security and excitement.
  3. Free community tours for individuals or groups.
  4. Temporary Housing Assistance - Rental Housing Assistance, Apartments.
  5. Sunday Newspaper - Sent free for four Sundays.
  6. Any information requested by transferee including everything from childcare services to dry cleaning services.
  7. Spouse Employment Assistance.
  8. Buyer Representation System - Designated Agency that provides a buyer with guaranteed representation.
  9. Post-Move follow-up Program: This program is designed to follow up with the person and/or family to make sure the adjustment to the move is being made.

Outgoing Corporate Relocation Services 

We can assist outgoing transferees with their move by helping to arrange the same level of services in the destination city. Our affiliation with Keller Williams Realty allows us to network with over 1000 real estate offices in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada and Europe. If the corporation offers a buyout to the transferring employee, we offer a wide range of services such as: target marketing, property management, closing services, appraisal services and much more.

We respect the corporation's policies with respect to outbound referrals and place them only upon request.   For further information about our services please fill out the following form and we look forward to talking with you.  Thank you - Noah Gamer

Relocation Services Inquiry

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